Thursday, September 8, 2011

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Ruben Orozco, Founder, TweetFind

What do you need to be an entrepreneur?
Desire and Hunger to create

What did inspire you to start your business?
I was attending Pubcon in Las Vegas. It was there that seeing and talking with a lot of other Entrepreneurs inspired me to create.

How did you finance it?
Self finance.

Being Hispanic… Does it have any influence on your business?
It has some influence because I strive to make my website appeal to the Latin community as well.

In the face of adversity, how do you decide to keep going?
The Future and the possibility of creating something that's great.

What is the biggest challenge your business has faced?
The biggest challenge is promoting my company within a small market city (Santa Barbara, CA).

If you could change one thing about your business, what would it be?
Nothing at all. I'm happy with the position my company is now.

What was your childhood ambition?
Be a Professional Baseball Player or owner of a Restaurant. :)

Tell us about three entrepreneurs that you admire?
Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Biz Stone

For business meetings: breakfast, lunch, or dinner?

What sacrifices on your personal life did you have to make in order to become a business success?
Having a full time job and creating businesses does sacrifice my free time during the week.

What is your favorite quote?
"Any time you have an opportunity to make a difference in this world and you don't, then you are wasting your time on Earth'' - Roberto Clemente.

Is it difficult to be unconventional?
No, you just have to think outside the box.

Biggest mistake made?
Should of created more businesses while in College.

Do you consider yourself an innovator? Why?
Yes, because I love to think and create on possible breakthrough products.

About the company: is a user Generated Online Twitter Directory to help people and businesses find and follow users. is a set of Web-based Twitter Tools to help user manage their Twitter Community, whether that is followers/customers.

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