Tuesday, January 3, 2017

7 Incredible Facts About Women-Owned Businesses

Owning your business is life-changing. It entails setting your own hours, pursuing your projects to provide the best products or services for your customers, and giving everything you’ve got into it, as if it is your own baby. This is one of the reasons behind why men are mostly dominating. But this has slowly been changing.

A new breed of women has emerged over the past years who were able to cement their names in the business world. They not only built an empire but also took down the most common notion that women cannot survive in the world of business. According to a study, those women who have started their business within the past 10 years were more experienced in managerial aspects and have almost, if not greater, revenue and employment diversity compared with renowned business. This is only one of the many facts about women owning businesses.

There are more statistical data and studies over the years proving how women created a wave of change and diversity in the once male-dominated sector. Both now have equal footing as regards venturing into new types of businesses. This didn’t happen overnight. Decades ago, a few women began the movement by surviving and proving the opposite sex that they too can be firm owners and be successful at it. A number of women saw this and joined the fray of women who stood their ground in the business sector.

We could go on all day about the facts. Instead, check out the colorful and eye-catching infographic that we have prepared below where we gathered all necessary and crucial data so that we could understand how women were able to succeed in the business.
Scroll down and see the graphic to be inspired to become one of them.

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