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Hilda Orosco President and Owner

What do you need to be an entrepreneur?
Courage to continue! There are many times you will be challenged, feel like you cant work any harder, cant take any more bad news, cant deal with any more sleepless nights, don’t know how you will afford it. It takes courage to step out of paralyzing fear and beat your quitting thoughts down!

What did inspire you to start your business?
I have always worked very hard to be the best! I was always looking for the next promotion. Eventually I decide to work hard and promote myself to president of my own company.

How did you finance it?
Personal savings and some business loans.

Being Hispanic…Does it have any influence on your business?
Being Hispanic influences me to succeed. I believe my culture has many wonderful role models and I’d like to join the Hispanic role model club.

In the face of adversity, how do you decide to keep going?
Honestly there were many times when it has been difficult to continue…. My beautiful daughters and wonderful husband are my inspiration. I want to teach my daughters that if you truly want something you can achieve it!

What is the biggest challenge your business has faced?
The biggest challenge has been balancing motherhood with entrepreneurship.

If you could change one thing about your business, what would it be?
I would not like to change anything; I would LOVE to eventually add an actual retail location.

What was your childhood ambition?
I always dreamed of fighting my way out of poverty and a terrible neighborhood. I was determined to become a success at whatever I chose to do.

Tell us about three entrepreneurs that you admire?
I honestly don’t have a list of three entrepreneurs that I admire… I admire anyone who has turned their dream to reality! How many people do we all know that talk, talk, talk and never do! Entrepreneurs make it happen, and that is admirable!

For business meetings: breakfast, lunch, or dinner?
I prefer lunch for business meetings. Breakfast is spent with my daughters and dinner is family time.

What sacrifices on your personal life did you have to make in order to become a business success?
I had to leave the security of a full time job and guaranteed pay check.

What is your favorite quote?
“What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?” Made by an unknown Author

Hilda Orosco President/Owner

Is it difficult to be unconventional?
Not at all… I am a leader and not a follower… In business there is no such thing as unconventional.

Biggest mistake made?

Choosing a low priced web site designer over a higher priced one. I had to completely redo my web site. It cost me much more than if I would have just spent the extra money on a reputable site designer in the first place.

Do you consider yourself an innovator? Why?
I am definitely an innovator. I have done some research on what I should be doing to make my business a success. But for the most part it’s creativity, going with my instinct and just doing it! Innovation has led me to the place I am now.

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